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Patience, the ugly dog, and a barking cat

June 8th, 2010

I write a little every day. And a little isn’t always that much. Along the way, though, I get things done and am fortunate to have a hard head, an imagination that is sometimes a stranger to me, and a stupid amount of perseverance. Or maybe I persevere through the stupidity. I can never tell.

It’s hard to be patient and be a writer. I can tell you that being a writer has taught me to recognize patience and at least ignore it when it taunts me. Or ignore it when it laughs at me. Sending fiction to publishers probably requires more patience than I have, but I’m happy to be in a position to learn to love the wait. I have 8 short stories out in various slush piles waiting on feedback, acceptance or rejection. Three have been accepted, and one has been with a publisher since 2007. I have faith that I will still recognize that story when I see it in print this summer. I think.

I write a little every day. And I keep sending things to my editor, mailing things through that electronic gateway and waiting. Patience is laughing at me, but I’m learning to laugh back. So, don’t get discouraged. Writing is part creativity, part insanity, and part business. It’s the insanity part that keeps us sane. And productive.

(No, the dog isn’t ugly, the cat doesn’t bark, and no marmots were harmed during the writing of this post).

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