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Bacon and the art of storytelling

Bacon is a religion and it’s a science. It is both famous and infamous; its fans are actually fanatical. Bacon might have been the lighter fluid for the big bang and intelligent design. Cooks can wrap the worst tasting hardboiled toe cheese sandwich in bacon and bacon lovers will eat it up and ask for more. They’ll tell their friends, their friend’s friends and even innocent bystanders how incredibly delicious the dish is knowing it was just toe crap before being loved by bacon.

But it’s not about the bacon. At least it shouldn’t be. The goodness of bacon comes from the process, the smoking, the aging. This is bacon’s storytelling. We can’t wrap a horrible story in a wonderful flavor and pass it off as gourmet. If we start with a good foundation (the process) and execute it correctly, the flavor of a great story will become a side effect of storytelling itself. A reader should not come away from a story and remember the writing. That’s the bacon talking. Readers should remember the story, not the way it is told. Even when I fail, that’s what I’m working to achieve.

Yes, bacon-wrapped-bacon is good stuff. Bacon Today will tell you that and more. And a ground-bacon hamburger is better than your heart should allow, but loves anyway.

Don’t let anyone argue with you. Bacon can be a good side dish to your story or your storytelling methods. Just don’t overdo it and your arteries and readers will thank you in the morning.

(Only the smallest amount of toe cheese was harvested for this post; I’m all for conservation, but I promise you it was aged, smoked and riddled with that blue squirminess that makes it so good.)

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