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I’M GLAD YOU are you. I’m glad you stop by and ask how I am. You come in with candy wine and pumpernickel gum drops; you give me a hug and a simple smile. Comforting. I don’t deserve to know you, and I am humbled that you take time out of your day to visit.

I’ve written a few essays that have sparked some wonderful conversations. Sometimes we talk about you (it’s mostly good most of the time), though I’ll aways keep my promise and never repeat a word.

Thank you for being you.

Paragraph One

I know

Don’t let a stranger fool you @ Chocolate Scotch

It’s not always about why

There is a voice

Bacon and the art of storytelling

Razor blades and the pain of self-editing

Three Months is a Lifetime: A Tia L. Brink Tribute

Hand sitting, inaction, and the fear of purple

Patience, the ugly dog, and a barking cat

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