Short Stories

May 21st, 2015

HERE ARE SOME OF my short stories.

Comic series fans can read my short series, Haf of HERO8, about an unfinished comic book super hero stuck in the real world. (The series is currently just as unfinished as poor Haf is.)

I also have a short story collection called The Darby Ryan Series profiling 37 events of Darby Ryan’s life. She thinks she is a contract killer that listens to the voices in her head and doesn’t see dead people. She is good at it, though.

Brain Food by Gaslight
     Nobilis Erotica
Brain Taste Simulator
     Originally published in Daily Bites of Flesh 2011
Cicadas, Molasses and Roses
     #FridayFlash at
Cyril Kysely
     Red Blood, Black Sky
Haunted Legacy
     Daily Flash 2012
     Nobilis Erotica
Just a Drop
     Nobilis Erotica
Just a Spark
     Coming Soon!
Master’s Final Call
     Amazon ($0.99 for Kindle)
     Smashwords ($0.99 for other readers)
Nude Sushi with a Twist
     The Big Book of Bizarro
Of Carrots, Peas, and Other Graces
     #FridayFlash at
People Factory
     Bourbon Penn Magazine
Reticulating Evangelist
     Originally published in ShadowCastAudio
The Transformation of Major Jack Garrison
     #FridayFlash at
     Best of Friday Flash – Volume Two

The Viewing Room
     From the Dark Side: A Charity Anthology
The Whisper Thief
     Coming Soon!
Thousand Year Dream
     Nobilis Erotica
To the Beat of a Coffin Drum
     Originally published in 31 Days of Halloween Horror
Visions and Voices
     Stormsage Central
Warmth is Only Skin Deep
     Coming Soon!