The Nine

September 16th, 2011

The Nine is a simple idea.

I wanted a way to share some things about me that you might never get to know. It’s my way of reaching out to readers and fans, my way of letting you into a corner of my creative process. And since everything I see, hear and touch affects my fiction in some way, you will learn about some of the things that guide me.

The Nine is a periodic list of my favorite things. Since I am a writer, I thought it appropriate to first share my nine favorite writers and why I like them. Read the list in the kick-off essay of the series, The Nine: Writers.

My choices for The Nine are not in any specific order (number one isn’t necessarily my favorite, nor is number nine my least favorite). My list is mine; yours will (and should) be different and you’ll have your own justifications on why your list is better than mine.

The Nine isn’t a best-of list. It isn’t a Top Ten list. It’s not a static, all-time favorite list; I want it to evolve and change. I expect to revisit various lists and add or subtract as my tastes morph into different directions.

The Nine is a simple idea, just cause.